STORY TIME!!! I would like to begin with once upon a time there was… because, if there wasn’t, our factual history wouldn’t be. So, there was a princess, who wanted … Continue Reading →

SteffBoutique will seduce you to the new collection

With its new collection, SteffBoutique reminds us about history and traditions of old lived on these lands between the Carpathians and the Danube Simple people but fierce, Dacians  left us … Continue Reading →

A new collection has released.

StefiTex has released its new collection. A permanent tattoo that can be worn anytime, by no means inconvenient, it only offers uniqueness. Handmade, the accessory that defines Steff Boutique Tattoo … Continue Reading →

A new collection is comming soon

The new collection is coming soon. This tatoo is a `must` in this collection. It brings luck, it will be the salt and piper, it will be the  accessory that … Continue Reading →