I would like to begin with once upon a time there was… because, if there wasn’t, our factual history wouldn’t be. So, there was a princess, who wanted to become a queen, a queen in the eyes of the man who loved her. She wanted to be absolutely unique in the way she got dressed. What do you think she did? She called for well-known tailors and fashion brands to make her the dresses of her dreams, but none of those garment wizards fulfilled her mysterious wish. She could not understand “why?”…

But Stefitex may tell you the reason! Every dress has a story of its own that needs to be remodeled on the lady that wears it. That was how we started, turning the story into a brand, the brand into uniqueness, uniqueness into love of the absolute.

All women are beautiful if we look into their souls and all bodies need a personalized cover to genuinely reflect the image of a woman’s soul. Why do we want to create unique dresses? Any woman can answer this question! Why do we use natural fabrics? Anyone can answer this one! But why do we want to produce clothes according to each woman’s soul and presence? We would like you to answer this one!

Clothes may be found everywhere, at every corner and at every step, but does your soul really know what it needs at every step and at every moment? Why run to a psychologist when the answer of your problem is within yourselves? Why run to a tailor when the desire to be dressed for a certain situation can be solved by us! Our aim is for the beautiful queens and empresses of the moment to learn how to allow themselves to be loved, spoiled, and pampered, how to receive professional advice about clothing in order to reach that peak of happiness of being unique in his eyes….

Why did we choose our story to exist only in the virtual space (online) and not to be present in major shopping malls or stores? It is because we dream of a kingdom designed for our creations, a boundless realm without a strict location and not stuck to a chain of stores, a kingdom that can widen itself forever. We chose this because in every apparent baby-like soul, but a fully thrifty one on the other hand, there is no story without a kingdom, there is no kingdom without a queen, no queen without dresses, and no dress without uniqueness.

And … we’ll all live happily ever after … telling you such a simple story. Yet, in its complicated world one may find the true meaning of the way of dressing. Sometimes this world might be revealed by online tailors, sometimes by online designers, but the real story is ours, namely that of being unique just by pressing a single click on


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