Made to measure

Does the woman inside you  realizes when she has a burning desire for something new ? Each of us can make a change for something better. We give shape to any event. If we take responsibility for our appearance we will be examples for the loved ones, we will be positive catalysts and once I impress the whole life will astound with me. Never underestimate the ability to choose what is best for your face and your body. If you doubt that then call for our services.


We are here to help you, to evaluate you as an objective observer, not in a critical way, so that you actually realize what you really are now, to see how your dress looks, and what you want to change. Usually people are aware of some major issues such as money or health, but rarely have time to analyze in detail the wardrobe.
Clothes can define us, can print another mood. Our personality can be identified by the outfit we wear. In a society always in move, in a society where appearance matters a lot, in a society that has an emphasis on clothes from ancient times,  we need to be able to stand out in a nice way. Advices on clothes and setting the outfits on our taste and measures can give us a new way to greet each day, a way to be unique, to be safe and to wear the best outfit.  StefiTex is a luxury tailoring and offers advice for choosing materials and colors appropriate to each person, and orders are met on time.


It’s time to stop worring you about some “clothing”, focus on what you want to do and allow us to help you. It may seem too good to be true, but we assure you that this is the natural law of attractive women in society.

Our motto is to discover how we really are as women and what makes us unique!

When the boundaries between us are healthy you will be able to say, “I trust you and I respect you for what you decided for me”, and I as a partner  ”I will not try to control you depriving you from your own choice.”

Any man would interpret the difference between dressing and being dressed like this: WHEN YOU A HAVE A GOODESS NEAR YOU, YOU CAN NOT BE ANYTHING ELSE BUT A GOD.

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